Tools that Claim TBX Support

This is a list of software claiming TBX support of some kind. It contains links to the software website, a brief description of the extent of its support of TBX, and other information (type, price, etc.). We are currently in the process of validating the TBX output of each of the listed products. The results of the validation will be shown in the final column as it is finished.

The widespread adoption of TBX would be a boon to the translation industry. By sharing a list of software with TBX support, we hope to further encourage its use both in further software development and personal data storage. Using TBX means easy data sharing between each of the products listed here: a non-trivial benefit!

We also hope that by validating the output of each product and posting the results here, we can help software developers improve their products as well as help consumers make smart purchase decisions.

If you know any more products that should be added to this list, or have found any errors here, please send information to Alan K. Melby (akmtrg -at- byu -dot- edu) with “TBX SOFTWARE:” followed by the the appropriate product name or error at the beginning of the subject line.


Tool Name/Site Tool Type Web-based? Nature of TBX Support Claims Compliance
Content Checker no Checks valid core structure, and then adherence to an XCS file.
Translation Environment Tool (TeNT) no
TeNT no import/export TBX-Basic only (see this document) TBX-Basic
GlobalSight Translation Management System (TMS) no
Terminology management yes import/export TBD
TeNT/TMS yes import/export TBD
Maxprograms Anchovy Terminology management/extraction no import/export “TBX with default XCS or proprietary extensions, cusomizable using XSL stylesheets” TBX-Default
Terminology Management (OWL) based no import (conversion to OWL) TBD
Quality Assurance no import/export TBX-Default
Terminology management optional import/export TBD
TMS yes import/export/conversion (via Translate Toolkit) TBD
Toolkit/API for file conversion QA, and more general functions no import/export/conversion TBD; see here for progress.
XBench QA and Terminology Management no import/export TBD
Lingotek TeNT yes import/export TBD
Metatexis CAT no import/export TBD
Okapi Checkmate QA no import/export TBD
TeNT/localization no import/export TBX-Basic
TeNT no import/export (via plugins) TBD
Termbases Terminology Management yes import/export TBD
Wordbee TeNT yes import (and export?) TBD
Star Transit/TermStar CAT no ? TBD
Across TeNT no import/export TBD
Wordfast TeNT no import/export TBD
Acrolinx Authoring/Terminology Management no import/export TBD
RC-WinTrans localization no imports Microsoft glossaries (which are TBX) TBD
Lingobit Localizer Enterprise localization no import/export TBD
localization/TeNT no import (and export?) TBD
TeNT cloud: yes import/export TBX-Default
JiveFusion CAT no import/export TBD
OpenTM2 TeNT no import/export TBD
Fluency TeNT/other optional import/export TBD
Text United TeNT/other yes import/export (not for client’s projects) TBD
Terminator Terminology Management yes import/export TBD
Weblate CAT yes import/export TBD
TermWeb Terminology Management yes import/export

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