TBX Private Dialects

If you would like to submit a private dialect, email us with email subject “Private Dialect” (details at Contact Us page). The email should contain:

  • dialect name
  • list of included modules
    • If the modules are not public, please also include a link to their definitions.
  • URL to the definition package
  • The recommended practice for dialect definitions is to use a GitHub public repository. A dialect definition package should have the following information (see the TBX-Basic dialect definition as an example):

    • Prose dialect definition
    • DCA specific schemas
    • DCT specific schemas
    • Links to the included modules
      • In a Git repository, it is recommended that these are added as “submodules” (see GitHub tutorial)
    • Sample TBX files for both DCA and DCT (optional)
    Name Modules Definition Location
    TBX-Linguist Core, Min, Basic, Linguist https://github.com/LTAC-Global/TBX-Linguist_dialect

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