Multiterm Converter Resources

This page provides sample data and mappings for the TBX Convert MultiTerm utility. Input samples are bundled with their mapping. Output samples may be provided for comparison. XCS files allow validating the output.

Please visit the TBX Checker page to learn to validate your files.

Demonstration of the Converting a Termbase created from a Default Template

This sample is a Multiterm file which uses all of the data fields in the predefined multilingual termbase template. Do not take the terminological information seriously, just look at how the data categories convert. Maps to TBX-MST, which is a subset of TBX-Default.

   Termbase and reusable mapping

   Expected output and XCS file.

Demonstrations of Converting Custom Termbases

Termbases on statistics and experimental design, prepared by Sun Sanjun. English and Chinese (simplified). Maps to a custom TML (though in fact it’s a subset of TBX-Default).

   Termbases and mapping file

   Expected TBX outputs, and XCS file(for comparing your output and/or validating it with the TBX Checker.)

Food terms by Kyle Hall. English and Portuguese. Maps to TBX-Default.

   Termbase and mapping

   Expected output and XCS file

The CLS sample illustrates an important property of the converter: How it deals with surprises. Line 959 of the input contains a descripGrp with an attribute, something unprecedented in our experience with MultiTerm. Rather than discard unexpected input, the converter passes it through as invalid TBX. Validating the output file with the TBX Checker brings these surprises to our attention. In this case, the unexpected attribute is on line 741 of the output, and on inspection it is not important, so there is no harm in deleting it. After deletion, the TBX file is valid.Forthcoming:

  • Japanese-English termbase on ceramics by Watanabe Megumi.
  • English-Spanish-Ecuadorian Quichua termbase by Tyler Snow.

We thank the creators of these sample files for permission to redistribute them. We hope to add more samples in time and welcome submissions.

To validate output files with the TBX Checker, you will also need these files in the directory.

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