TBX Resources is dedicated to helping you use the industry-standard TBX format with your terminological data. Here you’ll find tutorials and tools for using and converting to and from TBX.

Before You Do Anything…

The utilities on our site require input to be in UTF-8.

MRC to TBX-Basic

Multipe Rows per Concept (MRC) is a human readable terminology file format. Instead of being written in XML, it is formatted in rows and tab-separated columns. MRC has the advantage of being editable in Excel or any other spreadsheet program. MRC can easily be converted to TBX-Basic using the utility on this site. As it is more common to use TBX-Basic than MRC in terminology interchange, we provide a conversion utility from MRC to TBX-Basic.  Below is a list of resources to get you started with using MRC and converting it to TBX-Basic:

   Beginner's tutorial
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MultiTerm XML - TBX-Default

This tool and its associated tutorials are intended to allow MultiTerm's XML export files to be converted in to valid TBX-Default files.

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Spreadsheet Glossary - TBX-Min

The Spreadsheet Glossary to TBX-Min converter allows you to create a TBX-Min file from a spreadsheet glossary (file should be in XLSX, XLS, CSV, or TXT in tab delimited format).

***NOTICE*** - We have recently found errors in the program that seem to be inhibiting to program from working properly. We are currently working to fix the issues, and we apologize for any inconvenience.

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TBX-Basic - TBX-Min

The TBX-Basic - TBX-Min converter allows you to convert bidirectionally between the two file formats.

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The UTX - TBX-Min converter allows you to convert bidirectionally between the two file formats.

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