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SAP Intern Designers:

Kathy Wang is a student at the University of British Columbia studying Computer Science. She is an Agile Developer intern at SAP. A fun fact about her is that she had green hair for about six months.

Kylie Loo studies Computer Science and Business at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, BC. She is a Technical Developer and QA intern at SAP. Interesting fact: she has held a koala before in Australia (they stink!).

Jason Bernhardt is currently enrolled at UBC in the Computer Science Second Degree program. His first degree is in Civil Engineering. At SAP he works as a developer for their newest cloud solution to business analytics and planning. It’s a fun role because it allows him to practice core programming skills like writing new features, fixing bugs in new code, and testing. Additionally, this product is in its infancy and has huge potential in the marketplace so it has the feel of working for an exciting start up with the culture and atmosphere of a huge company. In the last few months he’s run a half marathon and placed second in a League of Legends tournament.

Edward Ho is currently studying Computer Science at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC. He’s a Cloud Developer Intern at SAP, working on SAP BusinessObjects Cloud. BusinessObjects Cloud is an enterprise cloud analytics solution that combines BI, planning, and predictive analytics into one solution. The product itself is fairly new and developed in Vancouver, Canada and Waldorf, Germany. His team works mainly develops on Data blending and Grid/Table features in an agile development setting. Having been here for almost a year, he says it has been very exciting to see the office grow and to see the product develop as a whole. He’s definitely had an amazing experience here at SAP. A fun/interesting fact about him is that he used to play Curling when he was in high school.

Jimmy Wang attended school in Uvic and BCIT. His intern position is Operations Specialist, meaning he does a little bit of everything from directing workflow to coding tools. He does sketches and drawing as a hobby and almost went to into Arts.

John Paul Kee goes to the University of British Columbia. He is SAP Jam Extensions and Platforms Team Intern. An interesting fact is that he played the trumpet for 12 years!

Edward Wu is a student in UBC Computing Science. He was an Agile developer Intern at SAP. An interesting tidbit is that he has a chemical engineering degree.

Andrew Morishita studied at BCIT, and works at SAP as a Developer. He has six pets- three dogs and three cats.


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